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Game Changer Coaching

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey of self-discovery and personal growth? Imagine a world where your goals are not just tasks to check off a list but also adventures waiting to be explored. Welcome to The Party, where holistic coaching meets Dungeons and Dragons, and clients become adventurers.


In this unique coaching program, we blend the immersive world of Dungeons & Dragons with the power of personalized coaching to create a custom experience for you and your goals. Here's how it works:


Character Creation: We start by meeting one-on-one to map out your coaching goals and begin creating your character sheet. Together, we'll design a character that embodies your strengths, aspirations, and potential.


Adventure Awaits: Once your character is ready, we play Dungeons & Dragons as a form of group coaching, a.k.a. The Party. You'll face challenges, solve puzzles, and unleash your creativity. As you navigate the game world, you'll discover new insights, learn to think on your feet, and overcome obstacles with the support of your fellow adventurers.


Real-Life Application: After each gaming session, we reconvene for another one-on-one session to reflect on your experiences and translate the lessons learned from the game to your real-life goals. Whether it's building confidence, improving communication, or mastering time management, you'll learn to apply your newfound skills and insights to overcome any challenge.


With Game Changer Coaching, you'll:


✨ Unleash Your Inner Hero: Embrace your strengths and talents as you embark on a quest to become the hero of your own story.

✨ Nurture Your Creativity: Expand your imagination and explore possibilities as you face challenges and solve problems in the game world.

✨ Forge Connections: Build meaningful relationships with fellow adventurers in The Party, where you'll find accountability, encouragement, and inspiration.


Come on a journey of growth and empowerment. Together, we'll turn your goals into epic adventures and yourself into a courageous hero. Are you ready to roll the dice?

I coach with a heroic mindset

As a program designed with your goals in mind, I will place you and your party front and center. You will make choices that will affect the game's plot. Some events are up to you, some are left up to the dice. If this doesn't make sense, read my article on how Dungeons & Dragons Helped My Job Search.


Here's my 5-step process:

1 /  Answer the Call: Decide to accept the challenge
2 / Assemble Your Party: Get your best people onboard
3 / Mindful Media: Find strength in the heroes you love
4 / Adventuring: Do the thing
5 / Celebration: Reward yourself, you earned it

Each step is crafted to motivate you and satisfy your goals. Every time you check in with your coach, we will assess your progress and decide where to go from here. 

Things to Know

1 / Tech

We will use Zoom, Discord, Roll20, & DnDBeyond, all available for free.

2 / Adult Language

There will likely be adult language. You may partake if you wish. Just a head’s up.

3 / Topics

Uncomfortable topics may come up. If you’d rather not talk about something, just say so.

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