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Life Coaching

A holistic coaching experience designed to balance your professional and personal life

The Stars

Ready to face your imposter syndrome?

Ready to transform into your favorite self?

Ready for real, sustainable change?

The Summer Triangle is composed of the three brightest stars in the summer sky in the Northern Hemisphere. The Summer Triangle touches three ancient constellations and can be used to find the North Star.

I coach three areas (a.k.a. stars) of life: professional, personal, and balancing the two. I help people get unstuck, grow self-confidence, and prioritize a work/life balance by untangling their goals and building an actionable plan.

Here’s the plan:


  1. Learn about you

    • This is about your journey, not mine, so let’s focus on you. What hopes and dreams are too scary to say out loud?

  2. Customize your goals

    • Let’s figure out how to use your strengths to get where you want to go. We’ll untangle your goals and create an actionable plan.

  3. Build your community

    • You’re not doing this alone. Let’s build on the support systems you already have in place and maximize those relationships.

  4. Shift your mindset

    • We’re moving from dreaming to doing, and that starts with increasing your self-confidence and prioritizing a work/life balance.

  5. Celebrate your progress

    • That’s right, you and I will take time to recognize your hard work. It’s too easy to focus on the furthest goal, so why not celebrate the smaller steps on the way?

Together, you and I can find your North Star and bring your triangle into balance.

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Sarah has been the best coach throughout this last year. She has seen me go through job loss, every stage of interview, and now excelling in my role as a driven leader, respected expert, and highly valued part of the team. I'm so grateful for her kind and caring demeanor as well as her direction. It is a blessing to have her as part of my journey!!!




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